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Hand-Woven Maritza Necklace
Hand-Woven Maritza Necklace

Hand-Woven Maritza Necklace


Maritza is a talented jewelry-maker living in the impoverished city of Chimbote, Peru.  She has taken her physical disabilities and turned the situation into something positive-- she's been able to sit and perfect her craft for years, and has taught 10 other women to do the same.  Maritza leads a group of differently-abled jewelry makers, focusing on fairness and creating opportunity for all the women in the group.  She's a true hero!

Maritza designed this necklace herself, and it has quickly become one of our favorites.  It hangs below the bust, works well with any neckline, and is an easy piece to throw on and go! We call it our travel necklace, as it doesn't have any metal so you never have to take it off at airport security.  We hope you fall in love with this hand-woven piece-- made fair trade with pride by Maritza herself.

This macrame-woven necklace is accented with glass beads and measures 42".

Fair Anita is a fair trade company that works with 8,000+ talented women around the world. The Minnesota-based team designs jewelry and accessories that are made by artisans who use recycled and upcycled materials. Fair Anita's mission is investing in women. Artisans earn 2-4 times the minimum wage in their country, as well as health insurance and education stipends for their children.

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